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Month old Unregistered Barnett TS380 w/CCD crossbow. Bought it new to use this bow season due to an injury. Shot a deer and now I'm going to sell it and go back to my vertical bow for next year

Bow has been shimmed to bring the string pressure off the rail and has been tuned

Will come with 5 Bloodsport Witness bolts. 2 new, 2 shot for practice and 1 went through a deer. Also will come with 2 headhunter bolts.

Will come with 2 rage hypodermic crossbow broadheads.

3 bolt quiver

Rope cocking device and CCD crank device included.

2 scope options available at different prices

With stock Halo scope and everything listed above - $375 shipped

With Hawk XB1 scope and Hawke rings plus everything listed above - $550 shipped