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First time at a 300m range yesterday, the rain was steady after the 4hour long orientation ended at 1pm and I could shoot.
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5 shots, 100m with the Ruger Precision 300 Winchester Magnum, the only rifle I brought due to time constraints.
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200m was fairly simple to find on paper.
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Climbing to find 300m.
I could not see the hits on the white part of paper.
Note to self, next time overlap dark paper for 200+, sight-ins.
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I am confident the RPR will hold 4-5" groups @300m for me on a good day, probably an inch better if I use a rear sand bag rest.
Next time, I'll use a rear bag rest or my Caldwell LeadSled2 rest with 25# on it (but that will make it too easy I think), gotta stay focused on the breathing if I want to improve.
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Great shooting Dyno! That is one sweet rig. 馃檪馃憤
Thanks OEA, appreciate it.
Conditions were not ideal and I sat on a provided bench, added a 2"x12"x12" that was in the area, my hoodie and coat to get a decent shooting position.
Safety glasses were fogging up big time, even after I spit on the lenses and rubbed it in LOL.
Gotta get some decent anti-fog spray.
Come springtime, will go after 500+ meters.
Time to focus on getting 25/25 in trap.
I cannot beat 22/25, even after changing chokes and trying top/bottom barrels.
I swear I had 23 last two weeks and the scorer jacked me LOLOL!
Honestly, I really should pattern the darned O/U so my own bad.

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That's what I was thinking, along with shooting in the prone position. General rule of thumb is that the closer you get to the ground the better you will shoot.
Wish I could, ground was soaked.
I had to use Lane 3 cuz it had the clearest shot at 200m.
The 100m berm is too darn high, can barely see the targets at 200m.
Maintenance guys musta added too much soil, it'll settle I'm sure.
But, it's a start and I'm sure I can stretch the Ruger out quite a bit more.

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What range is that dynamo ?
East Elgin Sportsmen. Aylmer, ON.
I was shooting on this one:
I had to wait for Trap to finish at 4pm, luckily the rain was so bad, they stopped at 1:30pm.
Otherwise, you may get beaned by some #7.5 shot LOL.
So I shot the 100m on a different range and moved over when Trap stopped for 200, 300.
They have archery and allow crossbows, too.
Indoors archery. too.
Bring your own target bag.
They said I could shoot their 3D targets but doubt I'd ever pull the 16" arrows from a Havoc out easily.

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Wow you travelled long ways lol
Ever need Micky mouse range hit me up I can give you 400yd. Backstop is lake
Yup, two hours drive but well worth it, IMO.
Wow, don't tempt me LOLOL.
I can bring a lot of fun toys to shoot but that Ruger would wake the neighbours!
I used to shoot on Buddy's farm about 5 minutes from the Amherstburg Target Sports range (100m maximum) but he is now on oxygen :( and cannot get out much so i don't bother him except to chat.
Best trap/skeet shooter I know, besides one guy at the Club who powders darned near every clay, pisses me off LOL,JK!
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