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scope questions

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I've never used a crossbow but recently purchased one and a scope. The scope is a Hawke 1.5-5x32IR fast focus crossbow scope that I bought separately. It seems all the videos and articles on the internet say if you change the bow speed dial on the scope you change the magnification of the scope. But my scope not only has a speed dial for the bow speed but also has another dial on the front(eye end) that changes the magnification. It appears when I move the front end magnification dial it doesn't change the speed dial and when I change the speed dial it doesn't change the magnification on my scope. Is my scope different than the ones is those videos and articles? I'm trying to understand my scope and need help.
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I think the one on the front is focus for your eye. Turn it until you can see perfectly. Everybody's eyes are different is why they have it. It's possible I'm wrong but someone with more knowledge should give you the right answer.

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Turn the" front eye "magnification until you can see the reticles (crosshairs) clearly. Then the speed ring gets set correctly as you sight it in so hat the arrows hit the target where the crosshairs are. The focus ring is what you calling the front eye piece on the Ocular end of the scope.
I call the ocular the rear of the scope and Marty is right - it’s to focus your eye. Better put it’s intended to see the reticle more clearly.

Best way is to go out and look thru the scope at the sky in quick short peeks. You want to see a clear reticle instantly after turning the focus ring in small amounts.

Don’t stare thru the scope for any length of time as your eye will adjust and want to make it look clear anyway. Just short quick peeks until it is clear as a bell. Good luck.
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Just so youre clear....the speed dial is also the same as the magnification ring. Once you zero at the closest yardage (most folks set at 20 yards) then move back to 40 yards. Aim with the 3rd crosshair down and adjust the speed ring until youre hitting bullseye there. Then you don't change speed ring again for any shot. The adjustment on the very back of the scope is to set clearness for your eye by turning the end of the scope in or out.
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