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Scorpyd Death stocker scope

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Going to order a Scorpyd Death stocker 420 for deer hunting, mostly close range probably 0 to 40 yards. What scope would give me the most field of view?
Thanks for any suggestions....
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There's tons of choices! It all depends on how much you have to spend on a scope. I'm just using the Hawke XB1 on my DS and it's working fine for me. I have the Hawke XB30 compact 2-8x36 on my Nemesis and it does just fine. If you were to put that one on a DeathStalker you would have a nice set up. Alot of guys like to go with a red dot with an HHA Optimized and get good results. You would get a good field of view with that set up for sure, if that's what your after over a precision scope.
Congrats on the purchase!
I shoot a Trophy Ridge scope on my DS 420 that is a direct knockoff of the Hawke XB30 Pro and was made by Hawke for TR. I am quite satisfied with the scope. Look at the XB30 Pro if it is offered.
I have a Nikon Bolt XR on my DS.
What distances do your hash marks come in at?
I use a Sig Romeo Red Dot on my DS
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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