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This has been a GREAT crossbow, but I'm ready to move on to a new one.
Selling this as a whole package. I bought it brand new from Wyvern Creations back in 2012 or 2013.

Scorpyd Ventilator 150
- Just changed the strings and cables before this season (maybe shot 20 times)
- Bow Jax Limb savers on limbs and front bars
- Limbsaver strips on limbs
- Additional Limbsaver on bolt holder bar (under scope)
- Spare (Stock Front Limbsavers)
- Additional String and cable (Old one - Just removed this past summer)
Hawke Scope - 1.5-5 x 32 Illuminated recticle
Hard Arrow (Bolt) case
6 - NEW and never shot 22" Carbon Express Maxima Hunters with Lighted CE NOCKS
4 - Additional spare lighted CE Nocks
2 - Brand new 125g Rage Hypodermic Crossbow broad heads + Practice tip (Never shot)
2 - NAP Spitfire 125g broad heads (never shot)
Tarantula Soft Case - NEVER USED
Red Hot EZ Roller Rope cocker (Plus stock cocking sled)
Kwikee Arrow Quiver & Bracket

This has been a straight shooter and killed a few nice bucks. The ONLY issue is the right side cam got the outer edge ruffed up while fully cocked a few years back but this has NEVER caused any wear on the string or issues with the crossbow. If this cam scares you I'm sure Jim can get you a new one....but no needed!

I just killed a 20" wide inside spread 10pt with this crossbow this past November.

Selling the ENTIRE package for $1200 + shipping.


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If I hadn't ordered a Nemesis I'd be all over that!
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