Up for your consideration is a Scorpyd Ventilator 110. It has 120 deflection limbs and gen 4 cams. It is a "bare" bow. Only extra included is a short Scorpyd cocker. Bow is NOT all original. Limbs? Cams are not original.
I was told this is a first year Ventilator, it has a three-slot rail, brass safety knobs, Scorpyd and a scorpion in RED on both sides of the trigger/latch box, and shorter scope mounting rail than newer bows have.
My plan was to take the riser, limbs, cams etc. from it and put them on my "Scorpyd built from parts" project bow. Then I found a riser and limbs.
Plan B was to modify the rail to accept a non-folding stock (I am not fan of the folding stock). I could not bring myself to modify a first run three-slot rail. If it does not sell, I will commence with plan B.
Price is $600 PLUS shipping. This allows local pickup, and does not penalize someone close, verses across the country. Butt stock and stirrup will be removed for shipping.
Located Three Rivers, MI 49093
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The only trades I will entertain are Scorpyd Orion platform bows.