This is the "Rail" for a Scorpyd crossbow.
I do not know it's story, history, or model.
It is stripped, no stirrup, sling mount, cable slide, scope rail, arrow holder, riser, limbs, cams, stock, forearm, hardware, or string & cables.
It does have the trigger box. I ASSUME it is complete. I have not taken it apart. I see two retaining screws up from the bottom, the trigger, a link to something and safety knobs (one each side). With the safety on "S" the trigger will not move. With the safety on "F" the trigger will move. This is all I have checked. I have no plans to take it apart. Springs, balls, and small parts have a way of disappearing if I take something apart.

It is an older model. I say this because the sides have an indent, and the bottom front, where the stirrup mounts has 1/2 round machined notches to engage the stirrup.
I think it came originally with a folding stock. The reason I say this is how far the safety knobs stick out, AND it looks like it was modified for a non folding stock after it was finished/anodized. What I see are two counter sunk holes at the rear, one each side, and a drilled and tapped hole in front of the trigger. (Not done by me) These holes were made after the rail was finished/anodized. I do not have a non folding stock to test fit.
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All threaded holes look good. No signs of stripped threads or cross-threading.
Over All Length is 22 7/8"
This would be a good base for a custom built bow.
Ask any questions, I'll try to answer, such as other measurements. Or if you want specific pictures added.
See pictures. I have NOT used a "sharpie" to hide anything, not my style.

$225 shipped to first 48 states. PayPal OK