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Be interesting to see if you get that lazy S entrance and exit when you kill something. I used to see this all the time using a 180gr Grizzly left single bevel with left wing feathers.

There was a outfit that bought unground VPA heads and gave that 3 blade head a right single bevel grind.
Also shot another single bevel 2 blade both from a Mission 320. Neither gave a indication they rotated. Target or deer.

The Grizzly clearly rotated in a broadhead target as you had to learn to pull it out as it spun in or unspin it to pull it out. If you tried to pull it straight out it was very hard and tore up the target.

Kinda left me wondering if there was a speed limit to the single bevel heads. Looking forward to your finding on this :).

As always good review and shooting.
I experienced this shooting the Shartac head into my 18-1. Could not pull it straight out because it rotated clockwise going into the target. Couldn't turn in counter clockwise to get it back to its entrance hole to pull it out because the head would loosen up. Ended up having to cut the target to get the head out. 😬 I have since built a layered cardboard target and plan on putting a 1x4 in front of it to slow it down. I just haven't had a chance to test it yet and see if it works. I need a smaller honey-do-list!!!!!
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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