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Back to business!
The enclosed barrel of the SWAT series has ushered in an entirely new aspect of crossbow design.
The extreme weight, and resulting accuracy, of the 375g Edgetac BH has caused some of us to re-think FOC‘s relevance to arrow flight.
When is ... SWAT going to usher in the X25? :) ;)
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In my personal experience, keeping a minimum of 50% of the total arrow weight in the insert and point is beneficial. As I have increased above that 50%, the arrow flight was much less impacted by environmental factors, i.e. wind, rain, humidity etc. and required less vane guidance as well. IMO, the understanding of what FOC does for each arrow setup is crucial for extreme accuracy no matter what crossbow is used. No doubt the enclosed barrel design removes or significantly reduces some of the obstacles for accuracy, increasing FOC on any brand will have it's benefits.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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