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Smokeless kill tonight

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Not one of those mid west monsters, but I caught up with tall 6 tonight. Shot it with my new smokeless muzzleloader tonight. Here’s the buck, the gun, and the blind. It was cold and still tonight. I had a pretty good time. It’s 300yd gun that got a 50yd shot. Last week I hunted with my crossbow and had a big buck 240 yards away. Just my luck!
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Congrats! Love them high racks. :rolleyes:
Mike, congrats!! That’s enough for you this season (3):p
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Congratulations on a successful hunt.
Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
All the best.
Mike, very nice buck! congrats. I like the rack too.
That’s a dandy six, Mike.....
The picture of him looks better than the sideways one did. :)
Thanks fellas! This wasn’t my year to kill one of those monsters. I did see one but the wrong weapon with me
Love those tall racks.;) Congrats.:)
Beauty! I'm a smokeless ML user as well!! :)
My first year. Lots to learn
Very nice buck and love the stand also. Have never hunted smokeless
Nice deer.

Are the legs of your stand 2x4s?
Nice buck! As far as "luck", you just never know what/when "it" will happen.
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That’s for sure. I do know this too, Ramrod hunts I did years ago :)
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