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The Ravin 500 is coming…….just hang onto your shorts.

Hanging on to my shorts so long feels like I am getting a wedgy!

And what about my R18? Atomic wedgy!
I honestly dont understand the desire to rush into the darkness.
I also dont understand the mentality that plays powerball with a 18 million to 1 chance of winning.

Takes all kinds they say.
I like seeing the new equipment come out. Gives me something to do until the next opening day.
I've been playiing the powerball this year too. I must be bored! lol
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I will never buy a first year of anything.
It has very little to with proper testing theres just no way you can test for 10,000 bows in the hands of a variety of different folks with differnt perceptions of thier skill level.
Companies likely use test shooter and a few other means maybe 10 bows (you guess the no.) maybe more.
In the end there a huge difference from the finding on those 10 bows and 10 folks.
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