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Bought this two months ago, new in box. Had never shot a crossbow and was curious. I shoot 3D Archery with a vertical compound bow, HP airguns, rimfires, centerfires, sporting clays, etc. Wife says I have too many toys and I'm now in a one-for-one exchange program before I can buy something else. This crossbow has been shot less than 50 times off of a bench/sandbag.

  • 2020 Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro STR Crossbow Package 78004 400fps in original box, with scope, cocking rope, rail lube, scope covers, all documentation, etc.
  • 6 Barnett Headhunter 22" bolts
  • 6 Black Eagle Zombie Slayer .001" bolts
  • 11 Chinese knock-off bolts (while I was waiting on my other bolts to arrive)
  • 12 Maifield Stainless Steel Archery Field Points
  • 3 Illuminated nocks (one used for 2 shots, others unused) Green
Would like to get $450 and I'll pick-up the shipping CONUS.
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