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New Ravin owners there’s a wealth of info here on this forum.
Some good info to read even before you cock and shoot your bow for the first time.
Some precautionary data too shown in videos.
I have done a lot of videos talking about Ravin crossbows.

Bottom line.
They will shoot well !!
They can hurt you too ifyou don’t follow some rules.

Now, here’s a question I will ask and then answer.
Some may find this question with associated answer unbelievable.

So here goes.
If a person puts a new string or even a reserved string on Ravin crossbow, will poi of first few shots be the same as shots shot later say shots 30, 31, etc?

The answer is no.
Folks installi;g new strings and or reserved strings.
Need to shoot their bows at least 20 times. Then check you poi, especially in the vertical.
What happens is jaws when they come over string (when new or reserved) the serving is wider(thicker) vs when the bow is shot more. Hence this where the jaws come over the serving a bit can in indeed affect poi especially in the vertical.
Would a persons necessarily see this at 20 yards?
Maybe or maybe not.
At longer distances like 40 plus definitely.
Also remember a slight FPS difference (faster) may be witnessed as string is shot in a bit because the jaws may indeed smooth out the serving a bit giving a cleaner/fasfef release.

Learn how to safely cock and decock your bows !
Videos are oosted on here to show.
Even a static sitting (uncocked) Ravin can hurt a person.
A user of bow or even a bystander(s).
If cable(s) or string fail can spell disaster depending on what is near limbs and cams.

Ravin manufacturer should have done more in this dept imo.

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