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I posted this in the MI forum. I thought some of you might get a kick out of it so I am re-posting it here too.

I wanted to create an analogy that would help the anti crossbow gang see how silly their arguments are. I wanted to do it in a child like fashion so that everyone involved on either side of the fence could get it. It needed to be as accurate as possible so the trolls would get it too. Well I came up with this little piece. It's intended purpose is to apply the current arguments of the crossbow/traditional bow/gun debate to another item. For the purposes of staying on topic you will have to understand the item I used in this thread is to make a point for the crossbow arguments. I hope the mods find it amusing enough to not delete it. I also hope the mods understand this is an analogy of the crossbow debate and is on topic.

The evolution of the snow shovel

Many years ago if you were to go about the task of removing snow you would use a shovel that looked like this:

Many traditionalists use this type of shovel to this day. It's widely accepted even though it's original purpose was for scooping coal into furnaces and boilers. A useful design but we needed a more efficient tool for snow removal. Somewhere along the way someone decided this design would fit that criteria:

A much more efficient tool for removing snow but heavy and hard on the back and it's too difficult for women to use. Let's face it us men don't want to be the only ones enjoying all the snow removal. Modern materials like alloys and plastics helped some:

Still difficult to hold when fully loaded and still too difficult for most women and children.
Then the birth of the ergonomic shovel or recurve shovel:

Ahh much easier on the back. It even changes my ability to hold the shovel in the fully loaded position. The general snow shoveling community met this shovel with some resistance but once they tried it they accepted it. It still requires a great deal of physical ability and practice to become efficient with it however. Hrm How can we improve this and involve more of the population?
Well if we use a little physics we can add wheels and leverage to create a compound shovel that almost everyone can use:

Now thats what I would call one heck of a snow moving machine! But it doesn't look like the shovel I use so I am not sure I can accept it. This shovel got stern resistance from the snow shovel advocates but most learned to accept them or stuck with their traditional or recurve shovel.
Then some genius came up with this shovel:

We cannot accept that snow flinging device! It would allow you to hold your shovel fully loaded all day! It's so easy a woman can use it! We did want to involve women in our snow shoveling duties but we will have to draw the line with this contraption. Sure it will hold the same amount of snow as my traditional or compound shovel but it's not a shovel at all. It may have the same flinging range as my shovel but we choose to ignore that because it isn't a shovel. It is a snowgun! If we allowed that snowgun thing in our snow season there wouldn't be any snow left for the rest of us! If people used that snowgun they would only remove the youngest virgin snow with it! It looks like an artillery piece! You move it towards the snow just like a field cannon or howitzer! I can prove it!:

Even though we know a snow gun uses chemicals and explosions to throw the snow we will ignore that fact because it looks like a cannon! Therefore it is some sort of snowgun! We might allow the physically challenged to use it in our snow season. Or we could make you wait till later in the snow season when the snow is much deeper and others use their noisy, intrusive snowguns.


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Excellent analogy and done very well. Enjoyed that tremendously. Just this past winter, one of the compound bow hunters was trying to use the argument that a Xbow is "easier", so I asked him if he uses a snow blower or a shovel, as I do? He claimed he used a shovel, but then proceeded to complain that his neighbor used the snow blower, and being noisy, woke his 3 yr old from taking his nap, LMAO!!
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