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Stealth NXT broadhead weight

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Hey everyone, I'm new to crossbows and have had my Stealth NXT for a month. I absolutely love it. I'm shooting a 100 grain head on the Evo X Centerpunch bolts right now, but I'm wanting to switch to a 125 grain head. My bow shop advised against it and said it will drop too fast with the extra grains. Can someone either confirm or deny this? I'm used to compound bows and had no problems when I switched from 100 grain to 150 grain.
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25gr will slow the bow only 8-10 fps.

Using Hawke Optic ballistic software:
If you sight in at 20 yds, the difference at 50 yds will be about 0.6" to 1" for bow speeds from 350 to 400 fps.
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