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Steel blunts in front of a broadhead

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Anyone ever shot a steel blunt at a 55 gallon drum or plywood? Years ago I went through a bowhunters education course where the instructor talked about blunting doe deer. This was about 1980 when people shot slow bows compared to today. Most people used a big red rubber blunt. It still kills the deer. Slow and un ethical.

At that time my Dad just bought a PSE laser 2 mag. At the time it was one of the fastest bows on the market. Our instructor took a 50# recurve and shot an arrow through a 6'' condensed foam target. next my Dad shot a 2117 arrow with a sharp broadhead into the target. The arrow went to the vanes not once but twice. Our instructor repeated his shot again with pass thru.

Since then I have shot arrow through everything from steel drums and car doors . I have hung old blue jeans on the clothes line and plywood of different thickness. The steel blunt wins every time. Since that time i have shot many fixed blade and mechanical broadheads through just about everything. And every angle.

wished someone would make a broadhead where the blunt was in front of the blades. I have some experience with the old judo points this way killing elk.

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I never heard of that. How would you construct one?
The judo point is stamped steel
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