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Steel cable for a Woodsman model

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Hi, I recently broke the cable on my Woodsman. I contacted several dealers and finally chatted with a rep at 10 Point. I was told no cables are available for this old bow. Sorry but I find that hard to believe. Someone somewhere must have a cable. I’ll do the search if you’d give me some leads. Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated. BTW, Crossbow Nation suggested you may have a nylon cable that would work. Thanks, Gerald
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For that model you need the upgrade kit - new cams and synthetic string and cables , replacing the steel cables.
Post this in the ten point section you will get more replys..
Not for nothing but there are plenty of cables builders out there. If you have a cable that is still in one piece, I am positive you can have as many as you want, built for you. Oneida aftermarket dealers are all over the U.S.
Do a search for "lever lovers" on facebook. Search Duane Skippy Manska .
Shoot him a P.M. and tell him what you need and ask for a lead. He is going to know the best guy to help you, would be my belief. Click on Duane (above) and it will link to his facebook profile.
Good luck!
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