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In this thread I describe issue I had with screws and how to fix it. I would also like to take this opportunity and address design flaw of Excalibur bulldog 330.

So, month ago during shooting competition my aim became way off. Competition took place during heavy rain and what happened was that loctite screws became loose because of humidity (my guess).

Accuracy issue was caused by screws which connect trigger with rail. Trigger and whole ADF + scope was moving up and down. This is common issue and can be fixed by taking trigger out and applying loctite again.
What happened to me was that I wasnt able to separate rail from stock ! Screw which connects stock with rail is located behind pistol grip. This screw was freely spinning in thread and couldnt be pulled out. (fig. 1). Now I was stuck with unmovable stock.

After 3 hours and great deal of effort I decided to saw off screw head. (This was last resort, nothing else worked) This allowed me finally look inside and find out what the hell was going on.
Here is the design flaw I spoke about. Stock and rail are connected with two screws via spacer. This spacer (fig 2.) is weakpoint of whole crossbow and its made out of freaking aluminum !
Screw which holds rail was loose and for this reason stock screw and spacer were freely spinning and couldn't be removed. To put this simple I draw fig.3.

Because I already ruined thread on rail I realised I have to take different approach how to put whole thing together. And this is where fun begins.
I decided to abandon this cheap piece of aluminum and replace it with one long screw. However this screw needs to be held from other side. One would say: just place nut there. But you cant do that. Nut is too big and it would push on trigger mechanism causing trigger be stuck in FIRE position. I had to make custom "nut", grind it into correct height and place it right below trigger. (fig 4)

Unfortunately I don't have picture of "custom nut" itself. But its just piece of steel with correct thread drilled in.

Now I had to assemble whole crossbow again:
0. Loctite trigger and put it back on. Attach trigger mechanism extender.
1. place custom nut first and make sure you don't move it.
2. Insert stock carefully.
3. Insert stock screw, GENTLY turn allen key until you hit custom nut. Hold trigger in place.
4. Fasten all screws very gently. And test if trigger can be pulled. If trigger its pushed back and cant go forward, your screw or custom nut is too big and its pushing on trigger mechanism

Now I can only pray it will hold together. 馃檹

I'm adding few extra pics where you can see how disassembled bulldog 330 looks like. If you have an issue of free spinning screw, you know its this.

Good hunting y'all !


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Thanks for the detailed report.

Lucky for you its an Excalibur and you can either fix it yourself or take advantage one of the best warrantys in the business!!
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