When I received an email from Stryker Crossbow asking if I would be interested in doing a review on the new 2017 Katana 360 crossbow, It didn’t take me long to reply back letting them know that I would love to have that opportunity. Being up front with them, I said the only setback would be that it was currently still hunting season here in Ohio, and we were still gathering footage for the Crossbow Nation TV show, so I would not be doing any reviews until February. Also, because of the time of year, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to shoot the Katana 360 very much outside because of the freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, they understood and shortly after our email transaction a brand new Stryker Katana showed up at my doorstep. Well, just like a small child on Christmas, I couldn’t wait to unpackaged my new toy and play with it. However, as mentioned before, I was only going to be able to shoot it indoors until the weather broke.

Assembling the Katana was easy. Using the same system to mount the bow assembly to the rail as an Excalibur crossbow, with the addition of two small set screws on each side of the rail, the two pieces bolted together seamlessly. At that point the crossbow is pretty much assembled except for mounting the foot stirrup and the scope, and deciding on how you want to mount the supplied 3 arrow quiver. The only thing left in the box were the three Accustrike arrows and field points, the rope cocking aid, and the owners manual.

The Stryker Katana 360 is a good looking crossbow. Mine came in Realtree Xtra camouflage with the rail, riser, and sight bridge and scope being black. Both the fore grip of the stock as well as the rear grip have rubber inlays giving the Katana a very secure and comfortable feel in your hands. The crossbow comes with a manual safety, and features the Guardian anti dry fire mechanism to prevent accidental dry fires. To help in the reduction of both noise and vibration, the Katana has a string dampener system, limb vibration dampeners, and rubber string silencers factory installed. The Stryker Katana is a very well balanced crossbow too. With the help of the bull pup stock design, the crossbow measures in at just under 35” long including the foot stirrup, and only 17.5” wide ATA when cocked. Using reverse draw cam technology, the Katana has a 13” power stroke that combined with it’s light 150 pound draw weight, shoots the Accustrike arrows made by Black Eagle Arrows 360 feet per second. Also, as a result of the lighter draw weight, the Katana is very easy to cock making re-cocking the crossbow over and over again easy to do.

So in the basement I went, and without even trying to zero the crossbow in, I shot it. My first impression was a good one. The crossbow is very easy to cock using the rope cocking aid. The trigger has a little bit of travel, but is light, the crossbow has virtually no vibration, and it is actually pretty quiet too. Wanting to make sure my mind wasn’t deceiving me, I quickly cocked the crossbow again and sent another arrow down range, achieving the same results as the first.   But what could I really tell about the crossbow shooting inside? And even though it felt good and sounded good, what would that matter if it wouldn’t shoot a group? The answer to that question however was going to have to wait until I got some warmer temperatures to shoot.

Finally, the weather broke. Not only did it get warmer, but it set record highs for this time of year. I couldn’t wait to get outside and really shoot this crossbow. First thing on the list was to sight it in at 20 yards. The Dead Zone scope was easy to sight in with each click of the turret moving the arrow 1/2” at 20 yards. With only 6 arrows and a few clicks in each direction, I had the Katana shooting dime size dots in no time. So off I went to further distances. Once I got the scope sighted in using the speed dial to compensate for the correct drop, it was time to group shoot at a further distance than 20 yards. For some reason, I like to shoot a 40 yards. I just feel that it is about the max I would shoot an animal at, and feel really comfortable doing so. Just like at 20 yards the Katana 360 did not disappoint. Without even a having a good rest, this crossbow will put an arrow into a spot the size of a fifty cent piece every time. So if you’re new to crossbow shooting, you better not be aiming at the same place twice or else you're going to be buying more arrows quickly. Unfortunately, at the time I am writing this article, all hunting seasons are currently over or else I’d be in the woods seeing how this compact little crossbow hunts instead of just shooting spots. But I have no doubt the Katana 360 will be a great hunting crossbow. I guess I’ll just have to wait to turkey season to find out.

The Stryker Katana 360 is an awesome crossbow. This bow will deliver tight consistent groups as you would expect it to. It has a compact design and is light in the hand and balanced very well. It shoots arrows at 360 fps which is plenty fast enough to hunt any big game on the planet and does so while being quiet and extremely vibration free. It only has a draw weight of 150 pounds which makes shooting the Katana time after time fun and easy. This crossbow has a compact design that is functional and also looks good. So if you are looking for your first crossbow or your tenth crossbow, I think Stryker hit it out of the park with the 2017 Katana 360. I see this crossbow being very low maintenance due to the lower 150 draw weight while still being high in performance and most importantly accurate!!!


For more information on the Stryker Katana 360 or any other Stryker crossbow, visit their website at www.strykerxbow.com