Stryker Crossbows releases the Katana 385 crossbow for 2016. The Katana 385 was designed to be a top performing crossbow while at the same time also making as light and fast as possible. In order to reduce weight, the Katana is outfitted with a skeletonized extruded aluminum rail and a riser that has been machined out to eliminated the front end weight. This makes the Stryker Katana 385 crossbow balance comfortably in the hand and gives it makes it easy to carry. Also new is the stock of the Katana crossbow which includes soft rubber inserts both on the pistol grip and the fore grip. The Katana 385 is also very efficient. Using an inverted cam combined with a 155 pound draw weight, the Katana 385 crossbow shoots the supplied arrows at 385 fps. And because its efficiency, the crossbow is relatively quiet and has little vibration. The Katana is said to have a 2.5 fund trigger pull and features the Guardian anti dry fire system. Overall demotions of the bow are 35" long in length and 19-3/16" axle to axle when in the resting position. When the Katana is fully cocked the axle to axle measurement decreases to only 16-3/8" wide. The mass weight of the Katana 385 form Stryker Crossbows is 6,5 pounds. On e nice feature offered by the Katana and not found on many other compound crossbows is the ability to de-cock the crossbow.

The Katana 385 crossbow is offered in an all black version called the "BlackOps" or in a camouflage version featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up County camo. The Stryker Katana 385 also comes in a package including four Accustrike Light carbon arrows with 100 grain field points, an ambidextrous check piece for both left and right handed crossbow shooters, a four arrow quiver, the Tact-Zone illuminated retical crossbow scope and scope rings, and the C2 Crank cocking aid.

The Stryker Katana 385 Crossbow should be a hot seller this year because of its lightweight, great balance, and super efficiency. If you'd like to learn more about the Katana 385 crossbow or any of the other bows in the Stryker Crossbow lineup, visit their website at:

Watch as product marketing manager Ryan Hawkins gives you a quick breakdown of the Katana 385 and some of its features live from the 2016 ATA show.