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Temperature effects on sighting scope

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I have a Center-Point Whisper 380 that is 2 years old. This year during hunting season, I discovered that line-of-sight is being significantly affected by the temperature; 3 inches at 15 yards and 7+ inches (corrected) at 30 yards, with air temperature variations between 30 and 60 degrees. Anyone else notice this problem, or have any idea of why?
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Nope. My bows do not shoot any differently in different temps.
I have the 380 and I haven't noticed the issue you speak of, my 380 I purchased two years ago as well
Do the have a composite rail? Or aluminum?
Most probably due to the string rather than the scope.
I have the Sniper 370 and although my weather doesn't get nearly as cold as yours I haven't seen any difference. I zero (or atleast check zero) before season when it's reaching into the 90's and periodically check zero all thru the season where temps will dip into the 20's here. No noticeable difference.
I hosted a thread about temperature causing some issues with my Sniper. You can read about it here:

I never knew what the cause of change in POI or zero change. There was some other owners that had the same issue. CP didn't know what the cause was but did replace my crossbow. I decided to sell it and move on until I got a KI Ripper.
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Do they have a composite rail? They're not temp stable like aluminum is.
Aluminum rails on CP Sniper.
Have the CP 380 also, owned for three years now. Never had an issue with the temperature and POI change. Aluminum rails on the CP 380 also.
Do the have a composite rail? Or aluminum?
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