TenPoint Offers New Fore-Grip Safety Feature

Mogadore, OH. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®, an industry leader in crossbow safety engineering, will
release its NEW GripGuard™ (patent pending) at the January 2011 ATA Trade Show.

The GripGuard is a shield that custom fits over the brand’s post-1999 synthetic TenPoint Series model fore-grips.
The wings at the top of the shield help prevent a shooter’s fore-grip fingers or thumb from dangerously migrating
above the flight deck while shooting the crossbow.

“It is an added safety feature we decided to make available to our customers,” Rick Bednar, TenPoint’s CEO said.
“We are always looking for ways to build more safety into our crossbows. While we already provide a dry-fire
prevention mechanism, automatic ambidextrous trigger safety, and – on some models- our patented GripSafety,
the new GripGuard will help further.”

Made from high impact-resistant Trirex® polycarbonate with an anti-reflective finish, the transparent GripGuard
creates a chameleon effect by allowing the crossbow’s camouflage to show through. Two double-sided adhesive
strips hold it securely in place.

Beginning in 2011, a GripGuard will be included in every TenPoint Series model crossbow package and will also
be sold as a stand-alone accessory for those who already own a TenPoint Series model.