Recently I had a chance to review the TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite crossbow which is a new for 2014. To say I was excited to review this particular crossbow would be an understatement. I’ve reviewed plenty of crossbows in the past and history tells me that TenPoint makes one of the finest crossbows on the market. But this wasn’t just any TenPoint crossbow. The Shadow Ultra-Lite is the lightest crossbow to date offered by TenPoint Crossbows. And its weight, or rather lack of weight, will be this bows biggest selling feature.

If you’ve spent anytime around the crossbow industry, then you already know the impeccable reputation that TenPoint has earned over the years as one of the best manufactures of crossbows. Part of being the best, is to consistently develop new technology. And new technology is exactly what allows the Shadow Ultra-Lite to be the lightest of the TenPoint line. This crossbow features a new carbon injected polymer barrel and trigger housing, all housed by the FSB stock. This new technology is responsible for the weight shed which will make carrying this crossbow afield a pure joy. These new materials still provide a rock solid foundation while at the same time reducing the overall mass weight of the crossbow.

But the Shadow Ultra-Lite isn’t just light in weight, it’s also compact. Measuring in at only
34.4” in length (including the stirrup) and 13.5” wide when cocked, this little crossbow is easily maneuvered through the tightest of timber. It has a draw weight of 180 pounds and is capable of shooting arrows up to 350 feet per second depending on what arrow you choose to shoot. My package came with the Magnum XX75 aluminum arrows which still shoot at 328 feet per second and provide 104 foot pounds of kinetic energy. My package also included the 3X Pro-View 2 scope and the instant detach 3 arrow quiver. The Shadow was easy for me to cock using the included ACUdraw 50 rope cocking mechanism. But for those of you who may need a little more assistance cocking your crossbow, TenPoint offers the ACUdraw crank style cocking aid on this and all of there crossbows as an option. As found on all TenPoint crossbows, the Shadow Ultra-Lite has an ambidextrous safety and a dry fire inhibitor which eliminates the risk of accidentally dry fire your crossbow. Also a standard feature is the PowerTouch trigger that which features a 3.5 pound trigger pull. Another nice safety feature are the rubber safety wings incorporated into the stock which prevent a thumb or fingers from getting into the path of the string.

Shooting the Shadow Ultra-Light is non stop fun. The scope comes pre sighted in from the factory, so the crossbow is really close to shooting bulls eyes out of the box. With just a few adjustments to the scope, I was shooting the center out of the target with repeatable accuracy so good, I dare not shoot the same spot twice without risking damage to my arrows. This kind of accuracy is what gives crossbow hunters the confidence they need when the shot of a lifetime presents itself.

As I said in the opening paragraph. History tells us that year after year, TenPoint produces one of the best crossbows on the market. Ask anyone that’s ever owned one and they’ll tell you that their TenPoint is accurate, reliable, and bulletproof. Now they can add “Light” to that list.