Have for sale a TenPoint Stag Hard Case. New condition, assembled but never used. Comes with original instruction sheet, case padding, and internal hook and loop (velcro) straps for both a crossbow and quiver. Offers more security than typical soft cases without the weight and bulk of luggage cases. Measures 36 X 18 X 10 and weighs 6 3/4 pounds.

According to the 2023 TenPoint website, it fits these TenPoint models: Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, Viper S400, Havoc RS440, Nitro XRT, Nitro X, Siege RS410, Stealth NXT, Shadow NXT, Turbo M1, Titan M1, Turbo S1, Titan De-Cock, NXT400, XR-410, M-370. Note: Does not fit crossbows with the Garmin XERO or Burris Oracle X scopes, or other high mounted large scopes.

$150 shipped, no taxes or additional shipping costs to you! Continental U.S. only. Accepting only paypal no fees to me, or U.S. Postal Money Order only.

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