New from TenPoint Crossbows for 2013 is the Stealth SS crossbow.  While this may be a new model this year, one thing that remains constant is the dedication to providing a top notch quality crossbow while at the same time engineering new and exciting features into their bows.  It’s now mistake that TenPoint has succeeded with both of these attributes with the Stealth SS crossbow.  Although not at the top of the product lineup, it was the one crossbow I had my eye on most after getting to briefly handle and shoot one at the ATA show early this year.  I was excited to get one to do a review on and now after spending a couple of weeks shooting it, I’m even more excited to get it into the woods and start hunting with it.  I guess for me personally, the thing I like the most is the geometry of the crossbow.  It measures in at just under 34.5” long in total length and 17.5” in width when the bow is at rest.  That measurement alone would be great in itself, but when cocked, the Stealth SS crossbow gets even narrower, measuring in at 13.5” wide.  Combine this with it’s weight of 6.8 pounds and you now have TenPoints shortest, narrowest, lightest crossbow available.  For the hunter that wants to be mobile and ready for every type of hunting situation, this bow will fill your needs.  It feels great in the hand and balances very well.  Much of this can be attributed to the new FSB stock.  The FSB or Functionally Superior Bullpup stock is what makes the Stealth SS the crossbow that it is.  It allows the bow to maintain 12.6” power stroke and not increase the overall length of the bow.  Another great feature of the FSB stock is that it comes with molded rubber finger guards where the fore grip meets the barrel.  This safety feature prevents a shooters thumb or fingers from accidentally going above the rail and entering the path of the string when the bow is fired.  Another feature of the stock is the multiple cutouts in the butt end.  They may seem like nothing special but they do come in handy when holding or reaching for the crossbow as well as giving you a place to tie your bow rope to when hunting from a treestand.    The Stealth SS crossbow gets it power from it’s 185 pound draw weight bow featuring 11” iso taper quad limbs and D-75 strings and cables.  With the supplied 425 grain Pro  Elite Arrows, TenPoint advertises the bow to shoot 333 feet per second.  Mine shot a consistent 332 feet per second which I’ll chalk up the 1 foot per second arrow speed difference from advertised to variances in chronographs.  At that speed with that arrow combinations, the Stealth SS has more than enough power to bring down any animal on the planet.  But, for those of you who need even more speed, TenPoint does offer a 370 grain Pro Lite arrow that will have the Stealth SS shooting a sizzling 352 feet per second.  Whatever arrow you decide to shoot, TenPoint requires you shoot their Omni Nock for all new crossbows.  Like all TenPoints, the Stealth SS comes in a package.  My package included the 3X Pro-View 2 scope and a 3 arrow side mount, ambidextrous quiver.  The side mount quiver is a nice feature and tucks up under the bow out of the way while holding the arrows securely.  The SS also comes with your choice of the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking aids.  The bow I tested included the ACUdraw which made for consistent, easy cocking even on those extended shooting sessions.  The handle for the ACUdraw stores conveniently and out of the way in the bottom of the stock.  Standard on all TenPoint models is the 3.5 pound pull power touch trigger.  The trigger breaks smoothly and has little travel.  The safety is also ambidextrous and engages automatically when the bow is cocked.  The Stealth SS crossbow is also equipped with TenPoints Patented DFI dry fire inhibitor preventing accidental dry fires.  The barrel is anodized in black and is vented to give a tactical look.  It looks great sitting on the Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity dipped stock.  Combine all these features with TenPoints reputation of excellent customer service and the fact that the Stealth SS crossbow is made in the USA, and you have one awesome crossbow hunting package.  It may be months before I can put it to the test in the woods, but something tells me my Stealth SS crossbow won’t be resting in a closet until then.  The bow is fun to shoot and it brings a smile to my face every time I hear my arrows smacking together in the target.  TenPoint has got themselves a winner here.  A bow that is good looking, shoots great, compact in size, and solid as a rock.