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Testing The New Arrows

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I got up early because it’s hot in Florida.
I decided to do one shot group with each new arrow at 40 and 50 yards.
I shot two of each the Heart Breaker and the Switch Blade 3k out of a Scorpyd Silver Vent and a Ten Point Flatline.
My bows were not sighted in for these arrows so I just held on the same mark for every shot.
My goal was to see how they group.

l have 15 years of trigger time with Scorpyd and only a couple of months with the Flatline.
I have much more confidence with the Vent.
I will also say that the Scorpyd is inherently more accurate than the ten point.

The first round of pics will be at 40.
Remember one shot each arrow l.

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When are you going to start making those arrows with Anti-Robin Hood nocks.🤣
Oh my god!!!
You just had to put it in print. The next thing you know Dodge from Fire nock will patent the idea and every time we Robin hood a shaft we will have to pay him a royalty fee!!!
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