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Thank you to all of our friends, supporters, customers and critics during 2019. We are excited about the next year and the next generation of the Swat XP - We understand the importance of this model in our line, and it took some time and patience to get the new bow to where it is now.

We had a great time in Indy for ATA this last week introducing the new bow models. A few notes from the show below.

The SWAT XP will include a custom mounting DSC Dead Silent Cranking System. It is not integrated, but is fast attach/detach and silent when cocking. The bow is also able to be cocked with a rope cocker. Both crank and rope cocker will be included in the package.

Bolts included with the swat will be 22" custom SWAT XP Bolts. They will include our new nock - the only nock that the SWAT XP will accept, a rounded edge design similar to the profile of a set of human shoulders.

Scope included with the Swat XP is our Premium Lumix Speed Ring Optic featuring our in house KillZone reticle design.

We no longer are using the compression lever arms on the new SWAT. It is a hinged cover that pops up when cocking and drops back down over the strings for a cheek rest.

The barrel system and riser cage is the same as previous models, but we believe the brand is in a bigger, larger spot than before and we have the capabilities to drive home what makes this barrel so unique.

We did have a SWAT XP that de railed at the show - quite different than a bow that "Blew Up". The strings and limbs were unharmed in this situation. We know the solution and are working towards making this bow 100% ready to go.

Retail on the bow is $999. Shops will also have the ability to sell the bow as low as $899. This price and total package aligns with our mission from the start of Killer Instinct 7 years ago. Bring the customer as much value and performance from a crossbow as possible at a price that all hunters can afford. We believe we have a lineup in 2020 that meets the goals and then some of crossbow hunters at every price point in our line.

This bow will be covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

A special thanks and shout out to OldFlyer for all his hard work and dedication to our brand and the crossbow industry!

Any questions please drop below.
- Team Killer Instinct

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KI, kudos to you for being here on CBN to explain your new products, answering all the questions, and offering any insight available. Sounds like your company is making quality products so I look forwards to reading all the reviews after the new Swat XP is released. Thanks again.:)
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