Who makes the best crossbow? This is not an easy question to answer because there is such a wide variety of styles and options in crossbows today. What may be my ideal crossbow may not be anything close to what the next guy wants. In this day and age, with new crossbow manufacturers popping up yearly, we are lucky to have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing our next crossbow.

Here are somethings to consider when looking for a crossbow. Do you want a compound crossbow or a recurve crossbow? Do you like the look of the more traditional style crossbows, or one that looks like an assault weapon? Is reverse draw for you, or is the standard draw more your style? Do you prefer a built in cocking aid, or one that is removed each time your crossbow is cocked? How about the sight? Do you like the magnification of a scope, or the aiming points of a red dot? The good news is that there has never been as many choices in crossbows and accessories as we have today.

To get back to the question, which bow is the best? My opinion is that it is the best one you can afford with the options you want the most. Now don’t get me wrong. There definitely is a difference between a $200.00 crossbow and a $2,000.00 crossbow. Fit and finish, with quality build materials will certainly drive the cost up. And one feature that is often overlooked until you call upon it is the warranty. A rock solid warranty and good customer service will go a long way, should a problem ever occur with your crossbow. Last,you should get a crossbow that feels good to you. Shoulder as many crossbows as you can before buying one. If your shop will let you test shoot them, that’s even better. Sometimes, one that stands out to you may not stand out for the next guy. So being able to handle a few different brands may help you in making a decision.

By now I hope I’ve made my point that there just isn’t one “best crossbow”. It really comes down to personal taste,what features you are looking for, and how much you are willing to pay to get them.