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Thinking of buying an R10?

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Just got my striker solution SL 390 back from BowTech last week. Disappointed to find out they replaced the limbs with the 350 model so now I shoot 40 ft./s less. I’m sure it’s still gonna be an awesome crossbow even though its been de tuned to shoot 40 feet per second slower and the deer will probably never know what the distance I shoot them at. It just irks me that I can walk into Walmart right now and buy two different crossbows on clearance that shoot a claim 405 ft./s for $212! How modern times have changed! I realize they’re nowhere near the quality, but when a cheap xbow can shoot faster(or at least claimed faster) it bugs me. With that said, my buddy has been trying to talk me into buying an R10 since they came out. He had the same striker and sent it in for limb replacements, and then sold it for about 100 bucks less than what he paid for it brand new that same year and bought an R10 way back in the day. I realize I’m only gonna gain about 10 ft./s over my original striker limbs but I always like the idea of being able to Decock the xbow by cranking it down. He said that you can hold the button in so it’s completely silent and Seib’s buying the R5 model? He said you just have to hold onto the crank, so it doesn’t Decock itself and shoot? I know we just bought another one and was contemplating on buying a different model, but he said he liked his R 10 so much he bought an extra one for his wife and kids. Doesn’t seem like there anymore than what I paid for my solution SL 390 back in the day which was $1049 back in 2015. I just got a brand new flight deck, which is basically the whole aluminum rail installed on mine from warranty along with new limbs and I paid for new strings cables and cams…so it’s basically brand new. I still have the original receipt so if, and when I sell it which I probably will, I will give the receipt along with the crossbow so whoever buys it can still get a lifetime warranty coverage with it. I’ve been looking at it off at crossbows and of course I would like to buy a 500 ft./s Raven or the 10 point model but it seems that everything over 400 ft./s has been having issues in one way or another. You get above the 400 ft./s mark in a quality crossbow you’re paying $2500 plus so I almost double to gain 50 feet per second. I also just bought a savage 24F predator chambered in 22 hornet and 12 gauge choked barrel. Got it from the original owner, who never shot it. I put about a dozen rounds or less through the hornet and three rounds through the 12 gauge the other day. Someone go on GunBroker for 1200 bucks so I figured I could always throw my 24F on there and end up getting in our town that I would obviously use way more. I have plenty of shotguns and predator rifles that I don’t use already. I sit in my tree stand probably two months plus a year with a crossbow so my guess is, it would be a lot better investment. Any suggestions pros or cons on the R 10 or R5 or another model? Come to think of it. I have plenty of guns that are laying around. I never use that I could sell and get a 500 ft./s crossbow as well. I just don’t know if they’ve got all the skeletons worked out of the closet on them yet. I have a savage 220 stainless 20 gauge that’s bedded along with a case of 3 inch Accu tips which it likes that will shoot all in the same hole at 100 yards I can pawn off to which is probably worth close to as much as that 24F… how long do you other guns? I’ll never use that I bought for a hop skip and a jump. The other thing I think is the 400 ft./s threshold got crossed over a dozen years ago and maybe I should wait till summer or the end of summer to see if anything new is on the horizon in terms of new and exciting Xbows?
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The R10 is a fantastic bow. I would argue the best buy for the money that you can get. I have few packages deals for about 1200.00 now and then. Thats a great deal for a bow of this performance level.
Great trigger, compact, cocking and decocking, decent scope for a factory model. Light weight too.
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