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Press your bow only as much as needed.
How much ?
For strings and cables already installed. Press just enough to get string off of one cam. This will free up string and the cables when you turn the cams slightly. Then do your adjustments. If you can’t put a cable or the string back on, Press just enough so you can.

For installing new cables and or string.
This is where you will typically have to press a bit more so you can get the cables on. (Bow will need more pressing after old cables and string are removed). Since the cables are not stretched out real good nor do they mate to the pulleys real well since they have not been put under bow tension. Try and install all unserved cables ends first on cams, then press as neeed to get served loops on holding fixtures. Recommend no pre twisting of cables when installing. You can check and verify later after unpressing to see if additional twisting of cables are need for ata or timing of bow.

Good idea when changing out a cable and string set.
Once you get your old cables and string off let the press off some.
Then put on your unserved cable ends and string guided on roughly then press more for complete cable and string installation.
Do this in a cool and shady place.
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