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TN Punisher Arrows

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I received some of these arrows from Jerry. The holidays and bad weather have prevented me from shooting them so far. Anybody out there have any experience with these arrows and is their any noticeable difference between these and BEE's?
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I haven't heard much talk about these arrows. Anybody?
Weight on 20 inch? Price? Like the look.
Copied from Tapp Nation website:

Our Punisher shafts combine the best attributes of the Black Eagle Zombie Slayers multi-layered high modulus carbon and combines a surface layer of Black Eagles high quality 3k Carbon weave fabric. This process produces an arrow that not only looks great it performs flawlessly on any crossbow on the market

All Custom Arrows & Bare Shafts Are:
  • Tested to Verify Straightness
  • Tested to identify the stiff side & indexed
  • Custom arrows & shafts are cut and squared on both ends
  • Each of your arrows are fletched on a single Firenock fletching jig
  • We use proprietary adhesives for components and vanes
  • All Inserts are squared after installation
Guaranteed Arrow Specifications:
  • Straightness: - +/- .001
  • Spine Deflection Variance: +/- .005
  • Weight Variance: - +/- 1 grain
  • Grains Per Inch: - 9.0 GPI
This arrow is guaranteed to be capable of producing a 1.5 in to 2.0 inch group at 50-60 yards. Of Course the archer must have the ability to shoot at a professional level and the bow must also be capable of the accuracy needed to obtain the guaranteed grouping size.

Double Tapp Insert Specifications

  • Length 4.25 in - 400% Increase In Adhesion
  • Made of high grade 6061 aluminum
  • Available Sizes: 92 & 110 Grain
  • It is the buyers responsibility to verify nocks are installed correctly prior to shooting them. Tapp Nation Archery is not responsible for arrows that are placed on the bow with nocks that are not oriented incorrectl
  • We do not make Ravin Specific arrows, if you choose to use them on a Ravin bow you take full responsibility should it void your warranty.
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