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Two excalibur axes

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For sale two excalibur axes on has tac 100 scope the other tac zone... Got them in October... Looking to sell these both to move to more powerful 420 assassin... 600 tyd.. These bows are mint and have the crank mounts installed.. Just shot to sight in. Never saw the woods they come with 6 wyvern custom gold tip bolts. Pics to be posted this morning.. Thanks for looking merry Christmas
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These are wyvern dealer only kryptec camo packages
With the suppression packages
If somebody wants Christmas presents for family kids or friends I will do both bows for 1k usd shipped tdy. USA only sorry last time shipped to Canada bow got held hostage in customs for weeks
These axes are the only crossbows I've ever tried to sell on any of the classifieds at or here... Not even a sniff on them..guess I may be keeping them after all.. I'm prolly crazy even contemplating going from 270 lb. Draw weight to 325 lb on the 400 assassin anyway.. Temporary insanity
Have these been registered?

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No I got them from wyvern I've never registered any bow from Dave wilkins knowing he is the end all be all dealer that goes way beyond the call of duty when anything goes wrong with anything purchased from him
Guy backed out on the pair the two are still up for grabs that's a great pair deal
Pair has been sold close thread thank you nation
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