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Waxing Poetically

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Feel free to add your poetry and rhymes here ;)
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LOL:) Wha……………?!?:)
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50 Yards to a Dime
I went to a fair, to see what was there
And saw a sign for a wonderful show
"Fantastic Skills of Archery" it read
" See him shoot an apple from her head"
"The Man with the Middleton Bow"
Paying the fee I went inside to see
This Man with his Middleton bow
Taking a seat with the others we waited
For this display of Archery Skills
The stage was set and targets awaited
An eager crowd anticipating the thrills
With the sound of a gong
The spot lights came on
Revealing the star of the show
The Man with the Middleton Bow
He shot with great accuracy and precision
Sometimes blindfolded, lacking his vision
When he turned his aim to her head
The crowd gasped in dread
Then cheered as the apple exploded
That bolt quivering in the target
Planted an inch from her head
I sat there amazed with the rest
As the Man with the bow reloaded
Time after time, 50yds to a Dime
Those arrows did fly from his bow
His results more impressive each time
With the end of the show
We rose from our seats cheering loudly
Having been so entertained
By the Man with the Middleton Bow
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Lol, like that ;)
or this ...:D

It's early morning cool and crisp
Up in the tree stand I sit
A couple of hours and nothing ...
Except the urge to drop "trow"
And take an emergency sh*t
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Very deep, bro, very deep!!!!
I did a poem about hunt'n waaay back in high school...I'll see if I can find the sucker! About the only one I ever wrote!
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A Hunting Haiku
I ready my bow
The big buck grazing calmly
"Twang", Venison stew
Go'n down hill fast, bro! o_O

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Go'n down hill fast, bro! o_O

Now c'mon, ... yea, you're right, haikus can be boring sometimes :p ...
wait for the limericks :D
What the heck are all those anyway!!? I was reading an Outdoor Life mag then probably, instead of listen'n to the boring teacher!!! :D

Don't mind me any, just pull'n yo chain, man. Guess I could try turning that into a Haiku or somethin!!!! LOL

Carry on, man! :)
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No worries pard ;)
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