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What bolts do you use in your CP that uses 390 fps

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I found out that the bolts I picked up on Amazon do fine shooting target for the new CP W renegade 390 but are way to limber to hold a broad head. They tend to take off in different directions. :) ;

What bolts do you like for your cross bow? I am guessing that the bolts the 370 uses would work well here too?

Not interested in custom just some stiff bolts that will work on hill country deer for meat when I can get up to a friend's ranches and mess around. I take a lot more pictures that anything and can only shoot hogs and coyotes on most of the lands. It is fun to hunt with a camera when many of the animals are about half pet.

I just thought a cross bow would be fun for meat hunting close to town where there are way too many hill country deer.

Thanks, Jim
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My Tormentor 380 which actually shoots around 365 fps loves the "cheap" Victory Decimator bolts. With either the regular nocks of light up nocks, it shoots better than I do if that makes sense? It also shoots the Muzzy bolts well but they're just Decimators with Muzzy wraps. I only shoot Muzzy fixed blades with all of the bolts. Hope this helps a little.
The EVO-X Center Punch. Expensive but they are best store bought arrow that I've found.
Black Eagle Zombie Slayers for factory arrows off eBay.
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