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What bolts do you use in your CP that uses 390 fps

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I found out that the bolts I picked up on Amazon do fine shooting target for the new CP W renegade 390 but are way to limber to hold a broad head. They tend to take off in different directions. :) ;

What bolts do you like for your cross bow? I am guessing that the bolts the 370 uses would work well here too?

Not interested in custom just some stiff bolts that will work on hill country deer for meat when I can get up to a friend's ranches and mess around. I take a lot more pictures that anything and can only shoot hogs and coyotes on most of the lands. It is fun to hunt with a camera when many of the animals are about half pet.

I just thought a cross bow would be fun for meat hunting close to town where there are way too many hill country deer.

Thanks, Jim
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I shoot the Black Eagle ARROWS from all my crossbows. Executioners, Zombie Slayers, and Spynal Tapps. All are Black Eagle shafts.
My Tormentor shoots around 360 fps give or take. It shoots the "cheap" Victory Decimators very well. Both regular and lighted nocks. It also shoots the Muzzy bolts well but they are simply Decimators with a Muzzy wrap. All I've shot so far with these bolts are Muzzy fixed blades.
I shoot TenPoints EVO-X Center Punch arrows in my Nitros, my CenterPoint Sniper and Spectre and know several guys that shoot them from their Amped 415s. They are very accurate, possibly the best "factory" arrow offered which many here and on other xbow forums will confirm.

Look for the newest sets that have the "Alpha" nock. You can find these at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Scheels and and may other Outdoor retail outlets.
The BEE's or the Bloodsports factory fletched arrows (from Ebay) should do ya a good enough job for ranges out to 50 yards. If they stray then it might be the broadheads youre shooting. Not all broadheads fly good from crossbows.
22 inch Blood sport Witness 50 yards with my Center point 380 Tormentor
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