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What do you think.

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Gobbler season in my mind seems to be winding down lol. So i found myself thinking about the Excalibur 360 Bulldog and pondering giving the 400's a break. Most of you know i like big cutting broadheads. I'm going to guess it's going to shoot 20,25 fps below 360 fps as all excaliburs do. So 340 fps on the high end with a 400gr arrow.

Unless i'm mistaken Swat's forerunner to the X Mag was used in compound vertical bows. Best i can tell they changed the color and called it a crossbow head. Not finding fault just that's how it looks to me. At least the function of the head looks unchanged.

If this is true i'm thinking about using the X Mag in the BD 360. So what do you think?

i went ahead and shot one. The bow was sighted in with slick tricks wicked tricks last year. The scope sights in at 50 yds so that’s where I started. It’s a Ravin take off scope I bought for like $80. Sucker stayed sighted in. I got 2 shots off before the glued up swat x mag opened one of the rear blades. So it’s getting glued back up. I would have marked the first shot but it looks like I would have robin hooded one :).
Office supplies Paint Art Beak Feather

I’ll do some more testing probably on a water bottle but it sounded like it hit hard. I had to pull the arrow out to take the pic.
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