Recently I had a chance to take a look at the Raider CLS Crossbow from Wicked Ridge, and do a video review on it. Wicked Ridge’s parent company is TenPoint Crossbows, and TenPoint decided to make the Wicked Ridge line of bows so they could offer a high quality crossbow at a price point comparable to other entry level crossbows on the market. And they’ve achieved that with the Wicked Ridge line of crossbows. Combine TenPoints design quality together with their legendary customer service, and you now have a line of bows that will out hunt the competition at the same comparative price point.
The Raider CLS is at the front of the pack of the Wicked Ridge line crossbows. The CLS stands for Compact Limb System, which has the Raider measuring in at 17“ wide when the bow is in the cocked position. It has 180 pound limbs that send arrows down range at 330 feet per second and with over 100 pounds of kinetic energy. The Raider CLS comes with a Power Touch Trigger, an anti dry fire mechanism, and an auto engaging ambidextrous safety. Our Raider came as a package including a removable quiver, 3 aluminum arrows, a sling, and the ACCUdraw 52 rope cocking aid. The ACCUdraw 52 is an integrated rope cocking aid that cuts the draw weight of the Raider by 50% and is actually attached to the stock of the crossbow. The cocking rope with handles pull out to allow for easy cocking of your bow and then retract back into the stock for convenient storage. Our crossbow was also equipped with the 3 power multi-line scope which has a 3 line reticle design so you can sight your bow in at 20,30, and 40 yards.
The Wicked Ridge Raider CLS crossbow is full of excellent features. It’s an accurate, tough bow, and it’s backed by one of the industries leading names in crossbow manufacturing and design. TenPoint crossbows. If your looking to purchase your first crossbow or your simply just on a fixed budget, give the line of crossbows from Wicked Ridge a look.