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Wounded, But Still Alive!

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This has been my #1 buck this year. All I have ever seen him was thru trail cam pictures. For the whole rut he had disappeared and now he's showing back up. Seems he's wounded but from what I can see it isn't terminal. Maybe gorged by another deer or shot with an arrow that didnt penetrate...dunno. No marks on his other side. He's been back in the plots feeding the past few nights.

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Too bad! He's totally favoring that leg. Maybe an easy target for preds...
Looks like a shoulder shot. If you follow Dr.Grant on you will remember he shot one with his bow in the shoulder and in 2 months that buck was running around just fine.
I watched a small buck that was punctured in a rib last year dry up and die (from sightings and trail camera pictures). I hope youre right and that doesn't happen with this deer. He could be a really good deer next year.
Could have been strained one leg without direct human help.
This happens very rarely, but I have seen this with sheeps/goats occasionally.
Just like with an internal injury, his chances of getting through the winter would be quite slim.
Hopefully he'll survive or you will get a shot at him this season to put him down.
I say arrowed there. He should fine.

I hit this one on the front leg bone at 30 yards. Arrow hit squarely on front leg bone with 3" of penetration, and he kept the bolt. He survived and I went back to Texas and got him the following year.

…..when first sighted the following spring he was still favoring his front leg -- by fall -- he was normal.

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WOW! They are sure tough!!!!!
Looks to me like he got gored fighting. I see injured bucks a lot after the rut is over.
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