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Year Round Feeding

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Is there an advantage from feeding deer year round?

I usually start feeding the 1st of September.

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I let my plots of wheat and rye feed 'em until it dies late spring. Then the corn feeders go back out. I believe the feeders gets the deer in a routine of coming thru the place and without it they may not. Besides, with feeders out I leave cameras out and watch the bucks grow horns throughout the summer and then I know what's in my hunting area before the season opens again next year. My feeders only use a 5 gallon bucket of corn every 2-3 weeks and that doesn't cost much. Since I don't have to pay for where I hunt I don't mind buying corn.
Disadvantage to all this artificial feeding is the spreading of disease. The State DNRs are frowning on this and in some cases making it illegal
My daughter likes to feed from 9/1 as its a convenience thing for her hunting. She looses interest because of the cold and shot a deer already by November. I like to fill it and run it for 10 seconds at the evening from 12/1 to the end of march. I feel this helps the does with extra calories in the lean times. They get woody stems and other browse during the day to supplement their diet and the food plots and hay fields. Corn and clover add fat and we got some with a good thick layer. Once they buds start popping on Russian Olive and Honeysuckle bush they really like the new table fair in April and I don;t bother feeding any more.
I think small food plots have the same effect. We watch deer browse the same spots where the clover or alfalfa is the thickest the most.

Also there is a big difference in feeders that throw food than people that leave corn piles. They tend not to touch the same spots gathering corn with the throwers. Using the same logic acorns tend to concentrate deer and make them feed in the same spot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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