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That "experience from the past" is the most important thing in the whole matter, nothing can beat it. I'm sure you'll be fine 馃憤
but.. you got me thinking, think im good easily under -20C, -30..-40C (-4F, -22F...-40F) where real test of the gear comes, i know my shoes is not good for that, i had to ditch my new winter shoes as they caused pain even on short walk, also thicker pants and coat shouldnt be that hard to find, im between my laptops and library right now, not really happy about the situation but i decided to stay put and see these rains we have at the momemt, getting 6km of biking every few days to recharge batteries and grocery

gotta get me fishin pole before ice and get something else to do than laptops

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I try just using my pockets for early season. What's in my "fanny pack" right now is just my tracking lights and a roll of marking ribbon. I only carry that pack on evening hunts. In my pockets is walking headlight, thermacell, camo gloves and occasionally a facemask. And of course TP in my back pocket. I hunt about 3 hours a sit and head home in-between hunts.

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Chair Luggage and bags Bicycle handlebar Electric blue Bag

Empty 32oz plastic bottle, small bottle of water, small pair of binoculars, rope deer drag. Works great for walk and stalk. Used a camp chair sleeve. Backpack stays in truck.

Under left arm strap goes over neck.

I also carry a knife on my belt (sm shrade sharpfinger) and clip a rangefinder. Lucked out that the wma I am hunting has a crapper nearby. Using the truck as a base camp with food and water I can stay out all day.

Except it's 92 FREAKING DEGREES OUTSIDE right now.

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I only hunt on a 50 acre area, so im never more than 10 to 20 minutes from my truck. Everything possibly needed + some, is nicely organized in a range bag that stays in the truck. On my person, is a drop leg holster & pistol w/1 extra mag. Knife clipped to leg band to access quick should i need it (suspended from tree etc) Small molle pouch clipped to my belt containing license, rechargeable hand warmer/battery bank, 2 small flashlights, snap glow stick, rope cocker, & can of nicotine pouches.

8oz flask of water in one of my cargo pockets, phone in shirt. . Rangefinder binoculars around my neck. Collapsible piss jug in the other cargo pocket.

I did buy a small sling pack that I may put everything in instead, we'll see...

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What's in my pack?

Headlamp, Zip ties, shaving cream, knife, flashlight, maybe two, 20 feet of mule tape, tags, pliers for lighted nocks, pick for lighted nocks, vinyl gloves. a few lens cleaner wipes, hunting regs for the sunrise/sunset tables.

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License-tags-permission to hunt slips
Sims cards
Folding saw
Water bottle
Cocking devices
Dragging rope
Trail markers
Leatherman tool
Blood trailing glasses
This years new addition Asp-Micro Thermal Monocular.

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Licence, flashlight, lens cleaning cloth, crank cocker if using bow I need one on, water, snacks if going for a long sit, TP, drag rope, grunt call, bleat can, rattle bag, wind checker, pen, zip ties, knife, small saw. If cold out hand warmers, heavier gloves and beanie.

I am sure I missed something but that about covers it. :)

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What's the shaving cream for?
I kill more Bambis when I am clean shaven?

It is a much better trail marker than toilet paper. Much whiter, much easier to stick on a weed tip, much easier to stick on the side of a tree and stays put on even smooth bark trees. Lasts long enough but vanishes in any rain. If you use menthol the deer like the smell. The generic is cheap and stays working for years. And even in the worst of the covid pandemic I never heard of anyone hoarding shaving cream.

Turn around and hit a line of blobs in a field even in wind and hit it with a bright white LED light in the night and the line of travel stands out like it's a line of lights.
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