Recently I had the opportunity to test out two new targets from Voodoo Archery. While these two new targets are not specifically designed for crossbow use, they do however make excellent crossbow targets. These targets are rated up to 420 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow. So needless to say, they have no problem stopping an arrow shot from todays fastest’s crossbows. It is recommended that you rotate the side you shoot at each time you shoot a round of arrows. On some targets, this would be a chore, but on these two little targets, it couldn't be easier because of their lightweight and size. Both targets I tested measured in at 8” wide x 18” tall. The M.A.T (mini archery target) is weighted at the base to prevent your target from falling over when shot. It weighs in a 15 pounds and comes with a carrying handle and a shoulder strap. It includes 18 aiming spots in the form of a star and comes in a really cool hunter green color with white stars. This gives it a military look to it that is very appealing to the eye.

The second target I tested was the Zombie. The Zombie target is the same shape and size as the M.A.T target, but has a couple of differences. It does not include a weighted base and it has a picture of a zombie on it in place of all of the star aiming points found on the M.A.T target. The Zombie target is designed to fall over on every shot. It comes equipped with a piece of PVC pipe on the underside of the target to promote easy tipping, however with the amount of energy a crossbow produces, an arrow shot from one has no problem making the Zombie target fall. The Zombie target weighs in at only 6 pounds making it very easy to carry or transport.
With both the M.A.T and Zombie crossbow targets priced in the mid thirty dollar range, they are cheap enough to own a few of them so that you can have them spread out at various yardages. One great feature about either target for us crossbow guys is that they are so compact, they fit easily behind the seat of your automobile making them perfect to take on hunting trips when space is limited or to use as a crossbow discharge target.

Voodoo Archery also makes two more archery targets that would be perfectly suited for crossbow use called the War Drum 12 and the War Drum 23. Both of these targets are round in shape and resemble a drum. War Drum 12 is 12” in diameter x 12” deep and the War Drum 23 is 23” in diameter x 12” deep. Both models are green in color and offer white aiming points. Another great feature is that these two targets can be unzipped and repacked if you find yourself shooting through them.
If you are interested in more information or would like to purchase one of these targets, you can view them at the manufacturers website at:

Check out the video review on these targets below!!!